Software for professional music teaching

Introduction Profiteach

Basic information about the ProfiTEACH system:

Profiteach is a modern software tool to organize and manage the entire teaching process at schools with focus on arts. It is primarily designed for the teachers and instructors of music who want to take advantage of computer technology in education, are open to innovative forms of teaching and want to make their classes more attractive by using new multimedia tools. 

  • Open system for the creation of custom content

  • The system allows the creation of custom media galleries, which may include video (mp4), sheet music (pdf), mp3 tracks (e.g. backing tracks) and custom text descriptions/comments

  • It contains an array of teaching tools for the teachers of music, such as the student database, timetable, class register, media galleries etc.

  • Standardized evaluation system used at art schools

  • The newly created galleries can be sorted into the respective categories according to music type, style, difficulty and instrument sound.

  • It facilitates the creation and management of custom exercises, theory and tests

  • A sophisticated search system

A software tool for the management of work and operations for any teacher of music

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