ProfiTEACH GUITAR: 10 PCS licenses

Introduction ProfiTEACH downloadProfiTEACH GUITAR: 10 PCS licenses

ProfiTEACH GUITAR: 10 PCS licenses

These 10 licenses allow you to unlock ten freely downloadable packages /galleries/ from:


Each package contains mp4 video played at normal speed and mp4 video played slowly with a two-camera recording of both hands. Each package also includes backing tracks with normal speed music and slow-speed music. Sheet music in pdf format is also included.
All downloadable parts of ProfiTEACH GUITAR called galleries / songs, riffs, solos, duets / can be conveniently organized in the free download / after registration / ProfiTEACH Teacher Edition software with gallery player. In addition to playing downloaded galleries, the software also allows you to create custom galleries with multimedia content. Each created gallery can contain up to 13 mp4 videos, 14 mp3 backing tracks and one PDF file on one screen.


Please write the exact names of the Profiteach Guitar packages - galleries in the order note in the shopping cart !!!

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