Metal Guitar-2: Solo + CD

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Metal Guitar-2: Solo + CD

The second part of the Metal Guitar deals with the issue of playing solo guitar with an emphasis on developing the ability of solo melodic improvisation, while the theoretical part is devoted to the theory of scales and the basics of harmony. This, together with mastering the theory of Volume 1, makes it possible to take the first practical steps in the field of composition and composition. Some chapters: fingerboard marking and tabular notation, theory and fingering 13 types of scales, solo / tric / techniques and their practical examples, various types of "arpeggios", basics of harmony with demonstrations, voicing, double, triple and quadruples , harmonization of simple melody, special exercises on extensibility of fingers, speed development and others, improvisation in 8 different keys and finally description and use of guitar electronic effects.


Author: Peter Stolárik Format: 185x240mm Pages: 116 Audio recording: 43:20, 53 tracksov ISBN: 80-967010-8-8

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