Metal Guitar -1: Rhythmic accompaniment + CD

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Metal Guitar -1: Rhythmic accompaniment + CD

In the real world of rock music, up to 95% of the total playing time belongs to the accompanying parts and only about 5% of the solo parts. Most guitarists, on the other hand, devote only a fraction of their time on guitar to practicing accompaniment. This publication is therefore focused on the practical handling of guitar accompaniment in a variety of variations: from the "classic" strumming, through various kinds of rhythmic hard rock and metal variations, to the excellent accompaniment of contemporary guitar "tips". However, the book is far from being only “metalists”, because it contains a wealth of practical experience and advice for all guitarists, regardless of their stylish character. From the content of individual chapters we could mention, for example, description of 9 ways of tuning the guitar, description of basic guitar accompaniment techniques, theoretical chapters on chord creation and marking, chapter on “power” / power / chords and very interesting chapter “Rhythm and metric”. The most interesting chapter, which is the most extensive, is the chapter “Practical Demos” with 53 samples of the accompanying guitar parts. There are samples of such guitarists as: S.Vai, Y.Malmsteen, J.Hetfield, Nuno Bettencourt, Van Halen and others. Also interesting are demos where a different string tuning than usual is used.


Author: Peter Stolárik Format: 185x240mm Pages: 108 Audio recording: 28:11, 32 tracks ISBN: 80-967010-4-5

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