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Encyclopedia of Chords 2 / book /

The second part of the Encyclopedia of Chords is an extension of its first part. It summarizes and further develops the creation of chord fingering on the guitar fingerboard. Its philosophy is based on the idea of deriving new and new types of chords, always from one type of chord fingering, by moving or adding a single tone. In practice, this means that you do not need to remember thousands of fingering different types of chords, but you just need to understand the principle of creation and we can immediately create any type of chord. This revolutionary idea is shown here on many practical examples and with instructions on how to do it. Having mastered these principles, it is very easy to create over 20,000 different guitar fingering chords.


Author: Peter Stolárik Format: 210x297mm Pages: 72 Audio recording: no ISBN: 80-967010-7-X

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