MUSICANTICA SLOVACA Po stopách dávnej hudby

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MUSICANTICA SLOVACA Po stopách dávnej hudby

Po stopch dávnej hudby

In the footsteps of ancient music

The CD contains songs and instrumental compositions from several important domestic and foreign musical monuments of the 12th - 18th centuries (Carmina burana, Cantigas de Santa Maria, Jistebnice hymn book, Vietoris tablature, Colorful Proceedings, Uhrovská Collection, Melodiarium ASK). They illustrate the variety of themes, musical genres and musical instruments of this period. Spiritual work is represented by Latin carols mostly from the Czech environment; secular work is represented by songs and compositions by troubadours, minesängrs and unknown renaissance and baroque creators. Thus conceived dramaturgy can o. i. to serve the needs of music-pedagogical practice (primary, secondary and higher education) as well as to enrich the offer of educational institutions (libraries, cultural and information centers).

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