DORA: Dora /2018/

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DORA: Dora /2018/

The second work of Dora, consisting of Erik Michálek (vocals), Tibor Seidl (guitar), Tony Marko (keyboards), Simon Lašák (bass) and Jaro Ozimý (drums), will carry the simple name Dora. The album contains 9 folk songs arranged in a modern rock form, which was recorded by various guests, including actress Mirka Partlova or Kuka from Horkýže Slíže.

The album is enriched with a song arranged by the founder of the band Braňo Ondrík even before he lost a long-term fight against the insidious disease. This sad event hit the band just before she managed to release her debut CD. That is why it is dedicated to the memory of this artist who initiated the formation of the band in 2014.

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DORA: Dora /2018/

A tasting of the new album was offered by a group of musicians already at the end of 2016 after a forced pause due to personal changes in the form of the single Dzivočka. "We let us know we're back," says guitarist Tibor. Now Dora is reminded in full force and that there is a lot to look forward to, a trailer that will bring enthusiasts of the combination of rock and folklore through the upcoming album Dora.

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